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Being a responsible contractor is really important to us

J M Hill Building Services assists with helping the environment by:

  • Having employees 'car share' to/from work sites
  • Recycling all timber removed from sites
  • Automated switch off of electricity in the offices
  • Planting trees (25 this year to date) and supporting the Turner Farm Project (Carbon offsetting for Industry)
  • Ensuring our suppliers are voluntarily accredited with the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS)
  • Utilising the EWOT system

It is a recognised fact that the construction industry is a major source of pollution with building sites regularly contaminating waterways with debris and dirt caused by the day to day activities associated with a major construction project.

Typical contaminates include diesel, oil, toxic chemicals, sand, cement and building slurry. When these substances get into waterways they poison water life and any animal that drinks from them. Pollutants on construction sites can also soak into the groundwater, a source of human drinking water. Once contaminated, groundwater is much more difficult to treat than surface water and can have significant consequences on the environment.

In 2013 J M Hill made a conscious decision to try to address some of the issues associated with construction waste water contamination. Working together with Paul Wheatcroft, J M Hill Managing Director John Hill designed and created the Eco Wash Out Tub (EWOT).This revolutionary product is now widely used on construction sites throughout the UK and plays a significant part in the management of construction waste.

EWOT is used to effectively manage waste building slurry through a gravity fed filtration system fitted inside a main water holding tank. Debris is effectively triple filtered within the product, producing purified water free of any harmful substances. The result is an instant and convenient supply of clean water, which can be utilised for washing out building waste from buckets, tools and other related apparatus.

EWOT is especially good at minimising hazardous waste and reducing the amount of water used on site. It also ensures a worker does not block drains and sinks with waste debris, which is commonly caused by contractors disposing of slurry and non hazardous waste during building projects nationwide.

J M Hill employs the EWOT on many larger construction projects undertaken, as we take the impact on the environment very seriously. However we do not stop there, we continue to commit to community projects throughout our region and have recently provided environmentally friendly wall insulation, dry lining, stud work, new joists and floor boards to the Tuner Farm Project, a 48 acre farm development on the outskirts of Swanwick.

By choosing J M Hill as your preferred contractor not only will you receive a fully professional service, you will also be selecting a contractor serious about the environment and the impact we all have as trades people.

Call us today on 01623 414111  or email office@jmhbuild.org, for more information on EWOT and our environmental policies.

Contact us at office@jmhbuild.org or give us a call 01623 414 111 (24 hours 07908 949840)

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